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I am a REPS Level 3 certified personal trainer with qualifications in ante-natal and post-natal fitness. I am also a level 3 qualified Pilates instructor and a fitness journalist. My clients are a range of ages with a range of goals; from losing weight to running a 5k to doing a press-up.

Shouting at people like a sergeant major isn’t my style – I’m here to help you reach your goals with as much fun and as little pain as possible.

My Background

I’m 42 and have lived in the Crystal Palace area for around 15 years. Most of my life I’ve had some sort of exercise routine on the go, and I took up my main sport, running, about 9 years ago after injuring my shoulder in a netball game. I also work as a freelance fitness journalist, which gives me a great balance between personal training and writing about fitness (plus all the scoops on the latest techniques, equipment and apparel!).

Five years ago my best friend had a baby and, soon after, I started working out with her a few times a week to help her get back into shape. This spurred me on to take a further qualification in pre- and post-natal fitness, so now I have the know-how as well as the experience to help keep women strong during their pregnancy and help them to get back into shape post-natally.

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