Post-natal Pilates

Get more from your pelvic floor and core!

This class is more than an average post-natal Pilates class as it incorporates my Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations qualification from leading Women’s Health specialists Burrell Education. (They’re brilliant; check them out here).

I’ve merged post-natal Pilates with Pelvic Floor and Core work to:

  • Tackle existing pelvic floor issues and prevent future ones
  • Strengthen your core and the connection between your core and pelvic floor
  • Look at diastasis recti and what we can do to improve tension and support in your core
  • Help you move safely in day-to-day life, looking after ever-heavier and ever-wrigglier children!

I love working with post-natal clients and seeing them grow stronger as the weeks go on. Each session is full of tips and tricks you can use in daily life to help optimise your recovery.

You must be a minimum of 6 weeks post-partum and cleared by your health advisor for exercise to do this class (10 weeks C-section).

Booking info

Join me at The Sparrowhawk (upstairs), 2 Westow Hill, London SE19 1RX, Tuesdays 10:30-11.30am. Feel free to bring your baby!

You can also join us on Zoom – livestream from your living room!

Each term lasts for six weeks and you can keep on enrolling for as many terms as you like. If you’d like to join part way through a term feel free to contact me for info and pro-rata options.

Price: £78 per 6 week term 

Hope to see you there – I can’t wait!